Julia and karmenca a strong debate about who will pernantovaip

That message is slowly Vallejo family Sebastian (William Levy) And Caviota has a son, Fernando; In fact, as we saw in the most recent episode of this production, Sebastian told his mother that she was the grandmother not only of a girl but also of a boy.

For its part, Julia was very surprised by this newsBesides, he was not expected to go with Caviota, one of the workers on his farm.

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Not only that, but in recent days Julia has received a lot of confusing news about her family because she learns that Sofia is not Sebastian’s daughter, but Lucia has used her tricks to move her mother – in – law’s heart and stop her from saying anything. To her. Your son.

What is true Julia (Velasquez lights) Will not be idle and will not decide to talk to family Caviota (Laura Landono), Well, as we see in tonight’s episode of the Trailer ‘Female fragrant coffee’, Will attend the home of Vallejo’s mother, Leonidas Salinas.

Of course, Donna Julia has the intention of meeting her grandson; But this is not expected to visit the karmenca say anything bad about her daughter let her have no doubt that the word Son of Fernando Sebastian.

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