Judge, De Loredo and Rodríguez Machado presented their internal space

Cambiando Juntos officially presented its space this Wednesday.
Photo: Rodríguez Machado Press

The space that postulates as pre candidates for the national Senate to Luis Juez and Carmen Álvarez Rivero; and proposes to Rodrigo de Loredo, Laura Rodríguez Machado, Héctor Baldassi, as head of the list of candidates for Deputies officially presented its space on Wednesday.

I’m going to stand in front of Cristina to tell her that the country belongs to everyone, not just hers. This is the conviction that I have in front of you today. To fulfill the purpose of putting a judge in front of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in the Senate of the Nation to defend a project of the country and of Justice that concerns us and includes us all ”, Judge said during the event that took place in Ciudad Universitaria.

The current deputy regretted the way in which the opposition army was settled in Córdoba, which divided the proposals into four lists of pre-candidates and re-candidates. “At one point I believed that we could achieve unity and we did not achieve it”he warned grimly.

“We want to end the Kirchnerist subjugation,” said De Loredo when speaking. One of the main makers of the internal space that was presented today, He claimed to have “a country outlook that points to the construction of a management model that generates employment, through maintaining good relations with the world, major tax, labor and educational reforms, infrastructure works for development and the promotion of technology”.

We have the honesty, courage, mettle and daring that is needed to put a limit to Kirchnerism and, in turn, propose an alternative that allows us to get out of the populist model that builds poverty, discourages investments, increases taxes and sustains itself with authoritarianism. This is a proposal that is born from the effort of the territory, it leaves the neighborhoods, it leaves Córdoba ”, stated, emphatically, the man who will seek to reach the Chamber of Deputies during the month of November.

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In turn, the PRO senator Laura Rodríguez Machado said that the different political spaces that make up the list are “united by respect for republican values ​​and defense for the dignity of our province.”

“Our country is going through a critical moment and this will be a key choice to steer the course. We know very well how to do it. We have shown that Kirchnerism has not been able to bring us to our knees, despite all the damage caused, as current examples we have the new Biofuels Law and the stocks for the export of beef. Those laws came out with the majority ‘K’ and that is what we have to change in this election“Said the current senator.

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