Juan Solar sends a message after choosing Podrilo as his most attractive grandfather

Actor Juan Soler He reveals himself as a happy person in front of TV cameras and has experienced a new phase in his life after announcing that his eldest daughter Valentina Solar has replaced him. Grandfather.

Although he has not yet met him Granddaughter The actor admitted with great emotion that he was personally waiting for the moment when he could go to his native country to meet little Alfonsina, due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

“I’m so happy, so thankful for life, with so much desire to go and hug her, you can not travel now, but once the boundaries open they are already in my hands dear Alphonsina with the photo.”Juan said in an interview with various media outlets.

On the other hand, the artist who discovered what he was considered on social networks could not contain his passion Exotic grandfatherSo, when asked by reporters with the news, he immediately said: “Let’s love each other! Thank you so much”.

Finally, he got the chance to send a message Alejandro Fernandez “El Potrillo”, Who had the throne of the glamorous grandfather: “Al, sorry, I love you so much, you know, sorry, this time You had to loseSolar said jokingly.

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