Juan Reinoso criticizes Cruz Azul fans: “They don’t value”

Azteca Stadium, Mexico City /

Juan Rhinos could not bear the cheers of the fans Against his players and during the press conference Loss to the Tigers In the first leg of the Clausura 2022 quarter, Cruz Azul’s coach accused them of “not appreciating the effort”. Created by their football players because they want to see “robots” execute everything properly.

“Unexpectedly, There is a palate in this swelling in which it does not recognize the effort Of boys. There were conditions today, but it was not to kill them. Let’s hope so Make people more understandingBoys are humans, not robots, they have a bad afternoon, “said the Peruvian Helmsman, who was rumored to be on the run. His last match with the company Regardless of the outcome.

About him Minimum loss against the TigersThe strategist felt that if his team played like they did in the second half and reduced bad results in easy games, they had a chance to win the series and advance to the semifinals.

If you play like the second half, the chances of winning are high. We need to get rid of those details that lead to wrong decisions. In the first half of today we made mistakes and complicated simple plays, ”he argued.

With a loss of a small difference, the Engine Next Saturday May 14th and have to enter the volcano Cat defeated the team by two goals Stay alive in Likuilla and go to the semifinals. It should be noted that those from the North played for almost 30 minutes with a low player and won To Nico Lopez after red.

Also, the audience They also fired their coach, Miguel HerreraThe referee, Fernando Hernandez, looked at the card as he walked into the video jury to reconsider the Diente play that led to his dismissal for kicking Luis Abraham in the face.

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