Juan Orlando Hernandez: ‘Gonejo Island Honduran Territory, Period’

Tegucigalpa, Honduras .-“The Rabbit Island This is the territory of Honduran, period. There’s no discussion, “said Honduran Governor Juan Orlando Hernandez, hours after executive order PCM-111-221 was approved, confirming that Fonseca’s Gulf Ramaditas, Gonzalez, Karobo, Frizol, Grande, Chocolate and chocolate. , Dicrido, Jacket Grande, Cogenci, Del Toro, Exhibition, El Coyote, Violin, Inglesara, Sirena, El Tigre, El Packer, Commandante, de la Waga, de los Clams, de Bezros, La Boca and Los Matons.

During a press conference, JOH called for a review of “history and the latest so that they can make their own decisions; we are a peaceful country and we only react to protect our rights and our people.”

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“The people of Honduran have entrusted us with the responsibility and honor of maintaining peace, security, prosperity and national sovereignty. I have, in the last few days, recognized our best soldiers in the armed forces to protect our homeland. According to the Constitution of our territory,” he added.

Holy Land

The ruler said of the small island in the Honduran Sea off the coast of the Southern Hemisphere, “Our territory is sacred and must be protected by our lives if necessary.”

Regarding the last voices echoing the property of the island of Gonejo, our sovereignty and expansion of our territory will be reaffirmed by the JOH decree “according to the 1992 judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague”.
“We are ready to protect every last millimeter of our national territory. I believe Fonseka Bay should be a zone of peace and development, economic growth and prosperity so that hundreds of communities can live in poverty today and live better lives,” he concluded.

Buckell reaction

A few hours after President Hernandez echoed the PCM through his social networks, El Salvador leader Naib Boukale responded with a monument.

At 11:12pm on Tuesday night the Salvatore ruler posted a picture on Twitter saying, “Take it easy, eat a sneaker.”


The island of Gonejo covers an area of ​​0.5 square kilometers (50 hectares) and has been in dispute for some time by some Central American countries. El Salvador promised to occupy it by the Honduran army in 1982 to establish an army unit, but Honduras considers it theirs because Honduras is so close to the sea.

In addition, 10 years later, the International Court of Justice in The Hague distributed several islands in the Gulf of Fonseca, without explicitly mentioning the island of Gonzalez, leading El Salvador to claim ownership of the site, but in 2002 the Hague rejected his claim, granting total control of the territory of Honduras.

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