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Mexico City.- Entertainment Journalist, Juan Jose OriginalFor many years, he has been an ambassador for the Leon Guanajuato Exhibition, an event that promotes tourism and products in the state.

For this reason, as part of the promotion of the event, Adela attended an interview with Micah on the special broadcast of the successful exhibition, where under the supervised interest, The Controversial entertainment journalist He stopped Lucia Mendes and questioned her Leonis appearance.

Pepillo thought they were chatting from the air when Lucia Mendes admitted to mentioning too often That she belonged to Guanajuato, But according to the driver it is not, and this statement arises because the celebrity’s mother originally came from that company.

Pablo mocked the Oriental condition, promising that it would be maintained as there were no artists born in Lyon.

“I’m the ambassador of the exhibition, I’m for life, no one else, because no more.”

Who knows if he was born here, I think he was born in Mexico. But because his mother is from Lyon. “

The hilarious scene unleashed laughter from those present as the driver thought they were chatting. Out of the airSo, he made the biggest revelations, however, and he came back and said he was only joking Lucia Mendes If it comes from Leon Guanajuato.

A) Yes Between comedy and humor, After the driver’s ticket, Adela, Mecca and everyone there mocked the journalist’s inattention, and then he proposed and proved himself Lucia Mendes As an ambassador for this successful exhibition.

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Where does Lucia Montez come from?

Despite the reports“Pepilo”The famous Lucia Montes is known to have been born on January 26, 1955 in Lyon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

As named for her beauty “The Face of El Heraldo de Mexico” In the first phase of this newspaper many years ago.

In 66 years of life, the talented actress has embarked on a long and successful career Angelica Maria, Italian woman married in 1972.

Attempts as at present youtuber There is a channel on it that conducts interviews with different artists.

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