Jose Juan Macias Atlas mocks fans and Julian Quinones responds

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In the arena, the Classic post In the middle of a quiet and festive atmosphere, but flowed on the pitch Its protagonists directed it a few timesAlthough nothing is contradictory Jose Juan Maciaswho He “taught” athletic supporters to count.

While doing his warm-up exercises, Macias was encouraged to interact with Zorros fans They pointed out that he had stayed in Europe for some timeBut in return he bragged to them Sivas shield is decorated with 12 starsStop immediately Making fun of both of the academy.

The striker did not want to be with that joke, and he has been one of the most unbalanced since he entered the game. Roberto Alvarado’s goal came from his footThe rejection from his shot went to Exmentero’s legs.

In a way that celebrates it Alexis Vega And Macías went to celebrate in front of local fansAlso put the Flock Shield in front, without thinking that the Quinones will charge them in the last minutes of the game.

Quinones also made fun of

Although The fight that led to the expulsion Miguel Bones and Colombian Zyro Torres Julian Quinones He could not suppress his emotions when he scored the tie between Atlas and Sivas He took off his shirt to show the visiting players the red and black titles.

In doing so, he also had obscene gestures, which drove him out in the final minutes of the game. Diego Coca promised to talk to him.

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Summary Atlas vs Sivas today

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