Jose Eduardo Derpes responded to the case of his girlfriend and his ex-networks

It has been more than a year since Jose Eduardo Derpes announced the end of his relationship with Perfara Escalant, with whom he has been on the court for almost 5 years. However, even though the actor already had a new relationship, he could not prevent himself from interacting with that model.

A few days ago, the actor’s ex-partner caused controversy on social media, comparing him to Derbes’ current girlfriend Paula Tale, who said he was proud that people admired and followed her. Followers promised that Paola looked like himself.

The matter did not stand there, because he responded to the model by promising that he was not the center of the universe: “What can I tell you? Some people believe they are the center of the universe, then no”, General.

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The case reached the ears of Jose Eduardo, who jokingly commented on the rivalry between the two beautiful models: “What do I do? What can I tell you? It’s okay to put that flavor in it, they give flavor to networks.” He said in his last meeting with the media.

But based on the assumption that one person copied the other’s appearance, it was clear that Jose Eduardo was a rumor because the two had their own unique relationship: “It’s not, as I understand it, Barbara has orange and another red, nothing to see.”Added.

What he made clear is that he is in a great moment both professionally and personally, because besides the one he loves the most, he has great opportunities: “We’re going to start the second season of Renda Kangelada. There are two very interesting projects to come, so I think this will be a good year.”, Finished.

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Derpes and his girlfriend Paola

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