Jose Canseco sent a message to the Oakland Athletics

When we have to talk about players with great power in the batter's box Major League Baseball, Jose Conseco Enter the conversation. Additionally, for all the controversies during his MLB career, he is also remembered for his best times Oakland Athletics.

One of five players in Cuba's history MLB Achieved a 40-40 record in one season. In his time, he was one of the most feared when the plate stopped. His production with the stick combined with his speed on the pads made him one of the best figures in the game.

The best Jose Conseco It certainly showed when he defended the team's uniform. Oakland Athletics. There he not only recorded his best numbers but also won prizes Rookie of the Year In 1986 and MVP In 1988.

Because of his successful past within the company, it is only natural that he likes it and wants to work there again. Sounds like a new era Oakland Athletics With his move to a new stadium and city, Cuba didn't hesitate to make himself felt.

Jose Canseco revealed himself on his social networks

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It should be noted that the outfielder is well remembered by fans Oakland Athletics, in nine seasons with the team he batted .264 with 254 home runs. In turn, he had 1,048 hits, 793 runs scored and 135 stolen bases in 1,058 games.

Do you think it would be a good decision to give him a chance as a manager if the situation arises? Jose Conseco?

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