Jonah Dose Santos and a Strong Confession: With Sladen Youth

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In the many comparisons that exist between Javier Hernandez Y Sladen Ibrahimovic Is the treatment of youth Galaxy Y Jonathan Dose Santos, Who was with Sweden on the Los Angeles team, recalled that there was a lot of pressure on the club’s youth with Sweden, which will not happen Mexican.

“If I am honest, because of Chicharito Sloton’s young men take off their pants, I know they get nervous, they scold them, it’s hard. Sloton is unique, he never told me anything because he’s so old, he’s so young. ” Mexican midfielder At a press conference.

“Chicharito is very positive, I train with him every day, I get angry too, yet one cry is not bad, we try to be positive, which This team should be positive and help each other, The best way to nurture the team and the youth, we have a lot of young people on the team ”.

Take advantage of the best version of Chicharito

The beginning of the competition Javier Hernandez It has been interesting with five goals in three games, so Saturday The classic of transportation Against Los Angeles FC They hope to use the best version of Mexican going forward.

“Finally you are going to see how a derby feels and you are going to see it with your own eyes, your own body, vibrations. He was in a good moment, spectacular, he took that weight off of him that he had to score a goalHe’s going to fly, no one is going to stop him here, he’s going to be a very important player, he’s scored other goals in El Clsico.

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