Johannes, at the Ambassador Zuckerman Medal Ceremony: “I am convinced that, with the new US administration, we will continue to develop the strategic partnership.”

On the occasion of honoring the US ambassador, Adrian Zuckerman, President Klaus Iohannes announced today, Monday, that Romania remains a strong ally and reliable friend of the United States of America.

“The year 2020 was also the year of the 140th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, a moment of reflection and projection towards the future, with confidence that relations between our two countries are stronger than ever. 2021 is the year of celebrating a decade since the end. The Joint Declaration Concerning the Strategic Partnership for the Twenty-first Century between Romania, the United States of America and the agreement regarding the location of the US missile defense system in Romania These annual events provide us with new opportunities to strengthen and deepen the political dialogue and the strategic relationship between countries.

I am convinced that we will continue, with the new US administration, to develop the strategic partnership and strong relationship of trust that we have built, based on our common values ​​and interests. Romania remains a staunch ally and trusted friend of the United States, and is deeply dedicated to the transatlantic relationship, which is vitally important. “

Yohannes stressed that deepening and expanding the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States is one of the main pillars of our country’s foreign and security policy, explaining that the realization of this desire was fully reflected in the activity carried out by the American ambassador during the mission. To Bucharest.

He also specified that, in the past year, with the signing of the roadmap on defense cooperation between Romania and the United States, cooperation between the two countries has been strengthened at the level of defense and security. In this context, Yohannes reiterated our country’s growing interest in increasing the US military presence in Romania.

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According to the head of state, the economy and energy component of the strategic partnership has been extended through the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Civilian Nuclear Energy, and progress has been made in identifying funding sources for strategic projects in this field, as well as for major interconnection projects. Promoted by Romania, such as Rail2Sea ​​and ViaCarpathia.

In turn, the US ambassador to Romania, Adrian Zuckerman, announced his honor to receive this honor. “Romania is a wonderful country, a country with a bright future and unlimited potential,” he said, noting that he was born in Romania. The ambassador also said that in the context of the pandemic, the United States and Romania support each other.

The US ambassador also referred to the 1989 revolution. “The road to a better future is sometimes difficult, but we will continue to work together to overcome these challenges. Romania has already achieved a lot, and the Romans have chosen freedom and the rule of law in the face of memories.” Adrian Zuckerman said: “I love the country that is I was born in it, and I have been blessed to return to help Romania achieve greatness. Communism and corruption. The new governing coalition will provide the necessary stability and continue the development that began last year. .

He emphasized that several achievements were made in the past year. “We have accomplished a lot this year, but the journey is not over. Together we will do more. Romania’s commitment to free markets, economic development and the rule of law guarantees a bright future. Romanian cities such as Cluj, Oradea, Iasi, Timisoara and Bucharest are models of development,” the US ambassador said.

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The ceremony, which was held at the Cotrosini Palace, was also attended by Foreign Minister Bogdan Orisco, as well as presidential and state advisors.

President Klaus Iohannes, last week, signed the decree of imitating Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman with the national medal “The Star of Romania” in the rank of Grand Cross as a sign of “the great appreciation for the activity carried out during his presidency in Romania, as well as for the great participation in developing and deepening the strategic partnership between our country and the states.” United States of America “.

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