Johan Vasquez scolded Italy for not knowing how to defend himself

Johan Vasquez Placed in Genoa In terms of effort, but thanks to his ability to adapt to the style of Italian football, in it Historically it has defended itself wellHe admits he didn’t.

After arriving at Calcio two seasons ago, Sonoran had to deal with the disbelief of being “new”. He had limited football qualities thenIt made him look like a bad defender, as he himself recognized.

“When I was in Mexico, I thought I was protectingWho did the coverage well, but when I got here Life and football slap you in the face and you have to learn from itWe have to continue to learn many things,” he said in an interview TUDN.

He immediately mentioned that Coach David Ballardini exposed him Even though he didn’t understand anything, with the work he did; Just by hearing his last name, I knew it was against him.

“I remember my first training sessions in Genoa, I was a little embarrassed The coach stopped me, called out my name, and told me that things weren’t done that way, as if training was only for Johan Vasquez.

National team Initially it hit his “ego”, but as days went by he internalized that those were the lessons that would make him a complete player, so he was able to turn things around.

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