Joao Rojas to strengthen RayadosMediotiempo after being ridiculed for being short

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Joe Reds I am coming A Scratched for Competition Will open in 2022An Ecuadorian player stood out in his country and attracted attention abroad, but Suffered Very much Must be professionalBecause he was short He had That subject to Still treatment of Hormones growth, similar Argentina had Leo Messi From childhood.

A football player Gang talk with half time His the beginning in football and How could he cope? Conquer nature get to do First sectionAlways supported by his family.

“I am a boy From childhood He went So far His FathersHe had to fight alone, naturally there my body Because I wasn’t allowed to play affected by growth; then, They injected me with hormones growth and it shaped my character. If I had already conquered nature, by God’s help, I knew it There is no situation I cannot win. It’s not easy The reason for that is the help of my parents”, said the football player.

The treatment It cost him More than 21 thousand paiseAs her father revealed a few years ago, who order of Independent From the valley fee The First part When he was in the basic forces; The SecondIts Businessman Diego Herrera And this ThirdReceived by His father Johnny.

Joe considers That It is worth it The Sorry for everything The Try What he did when he was younger, with personal trainers that required sacrifices in diet, led him to enjoy a growing career.

“Been treatmentBut Beyond the endIt was positive, years Servedof TryDouble shift work, good nutrition, It helped me to be in this place. I got it today, I’m happy, the days are moving so hopefully I can enjoy it all.


That is all that Red Living made his character Had to fight with Strong injuriesas Partial space of Ligament On top of that Right knee in the year 2017.

“I will give everything, because everything in life costs me, Nothing is easy, nothing gives me anything, and that way I enjoy it more. I lose more than I win; I have lost FinalsI have broken The Cruciate ligamentI have accomplished personal things, myself Went for examI’m gone For descent. There are many things that have made me characterR And today he has a player with a strong personality”, highlighted the footballer.

The Father Joe was there key code for bear The teasing That Suffered since the age of 14A situation that helped him to be a humble person: “I have a Family So united, my father, my mother, my beloved; Without their help, none of this would have been possible.Any. Potatoes He helped me in every way and in my low moments, he was mine First reviewerThat’s why I don’t listen to anything that happens outside of me, I’m a guy who really believes in what he believes, what I believe.

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