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American Airlines Group Inc. Agreed to buy a stake in Jetsmart Airlines Spa, an unlisted low-cost airline based in Chile, and Indigo Partners LLC are establishing a federation of American pointed out additional agreements with other low-cost airlines.

American Airlines is an undisclosed amount Minority role The companies said on Thursday that Jetsmart, one of the many airlines owned by Bill Frank’s Indigo, was not mentioned.

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The terms of a letter for reaching a final agreement are in effect, subject to obtaining the final language and obtaining governmental and regulatory approvals.

“We believe this is a model that, if done well, could expand to the entire continent and other parts of the world,” he said. Vasu Raja, The U.S. Chief Revenue Officer, in a press conference, did not directly mention other Indigo airlines.

“But we have to walk before we run, and make sure we meet customers here and now. We’re very excited about what could happen beyond this.”

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According to the pending agreement, US and Indigo Partners They will collectively agree to provide additional funding for undisclosed “future opportunities in the region”. Indigo holds a majority stake in Frontier Group Holdings Inc., the parent of Frontier Airlines; Hungarian Wis Air Holdings PLC and Mexican Volaris.

Frank is the managing partner and frontier leader of Indigo. A code-sharing or marketing alliance that connects American Airlines’ comprehensive international long-distance network from the United States to South America with Jetsmart’s low-cost, short-haul routes to 33 destinations, allowing passengers to travel across the continent without interruption across most of the continent.

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For its part, Stuart Artis“We see a strong value proposition for our future growth,” said Jetsmart’s chief executive officer, adding that by developing and connecting its path networks, each maintains its business model.

The size of the alliance

Jetsmart, based in Chile and Argentina, is an airline in the portfolio of Indigo Partners, one of the world’s leading developers of next-generation low-cost airlines. Jetsmart operates Airbus A320 aircraft and offers short-haul domestic and international services to 33 destinations South America.

For its part, American Airlines has flown to Latin America since 1942 and provides services 17 seats From US operations centers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami and New York in South America. Through the code sharing of the two airlines, customers can travel across the US continent without problems.

In other words, the completion of this proposed alliance will transform Jetsmart’s route into South America’s leading low-cost airline, while expanding its service to American Airlines customers, doubling the number of other travel alliances in the network that provide access to U.S. customers at lower fares.

The customers They can be accumulated and used Miles In the American AAdvantage loyalty program on Jetsmart aircraft. American also has a joint venture and code sharing agreement with Brazil’s GOL Linhas Arias Intelligentes SA.

* With information from Bloomberg

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