Jenny Rivera: Who ?? El Belen ?? Who is he paying homage to in his new video?

Two days ago Jenny Rivera About the topic ??Reasons??, said that in this case the material is normal ?? Diva of the group ?? Appears throughout, in animated form 4 minutes 33 seconds Some of the best moments of the singer are remembered, as well as important people in life Great lady.

There is more to writing this note in the video clip 1.5 million Reproduction in Web light, You can see toña Rosa, As well as five children and grandchildren Jenny Rivera, But also popular in animation ??Belen??,’s big love Jenny Rivera.

Who is El Belen?

In many songs of Jenny Can we ask if he is dedicated to this subject ??pelin??, many have promised that this is Stephen Loisa, but it is not so, that is Fernando Ramirez, Better known ??Fernie??.

Not much is known about Fernie Before dying Jenny Rivera, Because his story came to light in two of Lau’s biographies Band Diva, In the story approved by the Rivera family (you can see Maribosa de Bario on Netflix), they depict the great love between the singer ?? Baldness ??.

However, despite the fact that the two of them are very much in love, they can never have a formal relationship because of his addiction. Fernando Created from Jenny.

Diva After all, the band says he never stopped loving her and sometimes he cried on stage and she talked to him before a show and no one knew it.

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