Jennifer Lopez has the trick to get the perfect ponytail

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If she was known for something Jennifer Lopez In addition to his presence and mastery on stage, it’s because of the envy his poetry always evokes. This wavy hair has golden undertones JLo He has become one of the most sought after hair of all time, and he who does not want those waves, that volume and that intensity despite the passage of years. But if we thought we couldn’t wish this guy anymore, we’re very wrong, and that’s because we haven’t seen the last one. High range Who is the singer.

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Passed by Instagram Where she is and His hairdresser, Chris Appleton, Show off Jennifer Lopez’s new high ponytail. Specifically, the artist’s hairstyle was created by and for Global Citizen’s Vax Live party, to get the benefits of global vaccination against Covid-19.

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It XXL group Not only for the length, but also for the size and density that sets it apart. This is achieved, in addition to a strong raw material, with stretches that give the body to the body Hairstyle This also lengthens High range.

But another essential part of this ponytail Jennifer Lopez It’s one of those pigtails with a lifting effect, that is, one that’s so taut that what it does is tighten a little bit of facial skin. The effect that the actress also achieves with makeup, perfect contouring, and face emphasis.

In short, it is a file High range It can be worn for any occasion, carefully combed and taken care of in detail. Plus, it’s really fun because it adds extra volume to hair.

And the Jennifer Lopez It was already an icon in terms of hair, and now it’s more specific in terms of pigtails. There is no more to remember the person who surprised him At Biden’s inaugurationBut without a doubt, it has now been overcome.

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