Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck unleash their love on the beaches of Malibu!

Love at the center! It reveals new images Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Looking at each other and then kissing on the mouth in the middle of a restaurant, they stare at each other like teenagers.

Just as the abused couple is alone in the world, the famous sushi restaurant is the place where they are caught giving free rein to their love நோபு, From whose terrace you can enjoy a view of one of the most famous beaches in Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

The photos were posted on the middle page six Already going around the world and entertaining Pennifer fans, perhaps heartbreaking Alex Rodriguez, He reappeared yesterday with his ex-wife.

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This week saw how Zlo was getting off a plane with her children In Los Angeles, he went back Must be close to the hands of his girlfriend Ben.

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Before the couple starts their romantic weekend together At the mansion she owns in Bel Air Ben Affleck was found with his “mother-in-law”, Loop Rodriguez, Zlo’s mother. A video shoot in Las Vegas. Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s mother would have made a cameo in the actor-director’s latest project.

As they say, there has always been a great affection between them, and now life has reunited them, thanks to the love of being born again Zlo, Y Ben O Loop After finishing work they enjoyed each other at the casinos.

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