Jasmine Camacho-Quinn flew low on the Carolina track

Carolina. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn set a national record in the 200 meters and came in at one hundredth of a second. The Olympic gold medalist completed the test in 22.27 seconds, down from 22.23 seconds set by Carol Rodriguez in 2006.

Camacho-Quinn’s participation during the Classico Primavera on the Basilio Rodriguez track in Carolina.

After the race the athlete said, “I was excited and eager to put on a show.” A little tension, but I will always be like this before the race. I think it’s stressful, I do not want to lose, it helps me to be motivated, “he added.

For the Puerto Rican 100-meter hurdles expert, this was the place to meet Dominican Merrill Palino, whose main events were the 400-meter and silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Paulino finished third in 22.70 seconds, while KP Scott crossed the finish line in 23.19 seconds.

“My time is good. I opened the season. If I had to run another 200 meters I think I could have been faster. “

In fact, Camacho-Quinn said breaking the national record is within his bounds.

“Since I am known for running 100 meters, 22.27 will be the fastest time. I feel like I can be fast; If I had the chance, I would definitely like to do 21 seconds. “

Camacho-Quinn was recorded in the 4×400-meter relay on Saturday.

“I will do my best with the members of the national team,” he concluded.

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