Japan breaks world record for internet speed: 319 dbps

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A team of scientists from the National Institute of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Japan was able to break the world record for the speed of an Internet connection, reaching 319 terabits per second, up from the previous 179 dbps. Japanese and English researchers in 2020.

In today’s world where internet connection speeds range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps in some privileged sectors, the idea of ​​319 Dbps is almost incomprehensible to the average user. To get an idea, it is equivalent to downloading more than 7,000 high definition movies in 1 second.

The Japanese team has achieved this using speedI run a fiber optic line with four cores instead of one, which allows to reduce the distortion of the signal over long distance transmissions, and they carried out experiments on a system that simulates 3,000 km of optical fiber, transmitting data by laser and using an amplifier every 70 km.

The result is incredibly fast speeds through this system, which the researchers promise will be in line with the country’s current infrastructure, which means that at some point, at least to some extent, it can be implemented as an update, significantly improving the internet connection speed. But at these speeds, don’t expect even 10% of them to be in our homes anytime soon. There is a long road ahead. [Via[via[வழியாக[viaMotherboard / Engadget]

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