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President of the Republic, Evan Duke, He will leave Gaza de Narino on August 7, after handing over his mandate to President-elect Gustavo Pedro.

Duke has not yet announced whether he will continue to liaise with the country’s political departments, but a few days ago, during a promotion ceremony in the military, he expressed interest in becoming a professor of ‘advertising respect’ in training schools. , I.e. I will do it without receiving financial compensation.

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President Evan Duke of the 17th Regiment after the capture of the nickname ‘Otonyl’.

“From now on, I can say that it is a great honor to return to training schools as a teacher. Advertising courtesySo my experience, more or less, will serve all of Colombia’s players because I love them, I appreciate them, I respect them, “Duke said at the promotion event.

Therefore, Duke confirmed that he wants to continue to strengthen the country’s companies and be a part of it. In addition, he expressed his commitment to the Colombian army and wanted to be the teacher of its military forces.

It has been 46 years since the end of the presidency, but the head of state has not confirmed that he will get a permanent job after leaving the country. Discover other options for labor.

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I can say that it is a great honor to return to training schools as a teacher.

It was also known that he would be interested in becoming a Magistrate of the Constitutional Court, but not immediately, but in a decade. This was made known by a statement issued by journalist Daniel Cornell, noting that this would be Duke’s aspiration in the long run.

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After already serving as adviser to Colombian and Peruvian affairs for more than a decade, he was appointed chairman. Division of Cultural Affairs.

However, the president, who was in office from 2018 to 2022, despite having experience in different administrative departments over the past four years, has not confirmed any other job in mind.

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Duke will receive his lifetime pension after the age of 50, which means he will have to wait until the end of the next presidential term, although the amount is substantial, which is about 40 million Colombian pesos.

Article 2 of Act 48 of 1962 establishes that “every former President of the Republic shall have the right to enjoy a life pension or old age pension equal to 75% of his last monthly salary”.


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