Ivan Duque in DR: Maduro called a dictator and describes the situation in Ukraine as a massacre

Santo Domingo, DR.

President of Colombia for half an hour, Ivan Duk presented the progress in the National Assembly Achieved in relations between the two countries and their achievements in power.

Ahead of the meeting with all the legislators, Senate President Eduardo Estrella gave a few words, in which he described the “achievements of the Duke in his administration”.

Among them, he cVaccine campaign against Govt-19 “and to ensure peace in his country”.

“Peace is the precious asset of a nation and his administration, led by Colombia, has made the protection of its citizens one of his top priorities. Estrella said.

When Duke also noted the positive aspects of the Dominican governmentHe described the country, highlighting the vaccination campaign carried out by the government of Louis Abinader Criteria for tourism.

However, beyond his admiration for the country, the Duke used the platform to make a kind of “accountability” for everything he achieved during his administration.

President of Colombia, in An enhanced speech, without papers or screens He highlighted their efforts to integrate security with the police, the recovery of the economy in the aftermath of the Govt-19 epidemic and the consolidation of democracy.

Similarly, he noted He described the Venezuelan government as a “dictatorship” – and the situation in Ukraine, which in his opinion is a “massacre”.

As for the Venezuelan people, their migration was viewed as disgraceful in the eyes of the world, but they were welcomed as brothers in Colombia, and more than 1.8 million of them are in Colombian territory.

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The Colombian president also mentioned There are “great enemies” of democracy In it he highlighted the manipulation of reality, saying, “Today it is clear that the algorithms of networks distort post-facts or facts fed by manipulation.”

Said Anxious to see the voices rising “in a tone that threatens economic freedom.” He is trying to break the brotherhood between employers and employees, for which he called on all legislators to defend those economic freedoms.

“The talk of trying to sow those false premises and electoral interests always in the ashes is a debate for everyone, because no one has been elected president to threaten economic freedom, and economic liberties must be protected, acted upon and integrated with a genuine sense of security,” Duke said.

He pointed out The “populists and negotiators” are taking advantage of the inflation the world is experiencing. Trying to influence companies and threatening congressional decisions.

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