‘It’s got pros and cons’: Bad Bunny dancer reveals what it’s like to live on tour with reggaeton player

That is not a lie Benito Martinez, also known as Bad Bunny, He has become one of the most influential and popular singers of the urban genre today. Even millions of followers are interested not only in his daily life but also in the people around him.

A recent case involving Kiara Rodriguez is a singer-dancer originally from Puerto Rico He revealed how social networking sites work on his side.

In addition to the alleged exploitation of Bad Bunny’s dancers, it began when it was spread on the stage that there were many inequalities and injustices against them. People complained that they were being taken to programs in trucks instead of buses

People, we weren’t mistreated, we were happy on the bus, imagine, you leave the show, you get on the bus, you don’t have to do any paperwork or anything, on the plane, we eat 24 hours a day. , drinks, bathroom for all of us

Kiara assures them that they were never mistreated, on the contrary, they were treated with every comfort, even the most comfortable beds to sleep in the truck. Like everything, it has its pros and cons.

I woke up in the truck and I already had a shower, a shower, food, breakfast, dinner and even a meal after the show. We were never mistreated

Poor Rabbit Millionaire

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, known internationally as Bad Bunny, is one of the star reggaeton artists in the music world and, like many other Latin artists, He reaps success after success, which has led him to amass a fortune at a young age.

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At the age of 28, “Bad Rabbit” can boast of having already made his career; Thanks to his concerts, the monetization of his social networks, numerous advertising contracts and the campaigns he starred in, You can boast of having a fat wallet that grows in size day by day.

According to data provided by the “Celebrity Net Worth” site, the Puerto Rican singer earns 8.4 million dollars from the reproduction of his songs on Spotify; Meanwhile, on YouTube, his income reaches 3.6 million dollars.

Adding the two figures gives a total of 240 million pesos at today’s exchange rate. According to the company Pollstar, responsible for measuring the data that groups and artists throw during their tours, Bad Bunny earns around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (almost five million Mexican pesos) per concert on the World’s Hottest Tour.

On this successful tour alone, Bad Bunny will play 30 concerts; 15 of them are in the United States, 12 in Latin America and 3 in Mexico. With these statistics, Puerto Ricans are not alone As the most streamed artist but also one of the most profitable world tours.

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