Its creator lost his life at the age of 80

The creator of the masterpieces of the universe, Mark Taylor, He lost his life in his own home in his 80s, during which time he was accompanied by his partner who was responsible for reporting through his social networks.

The creator of these toys to be a part of MattelHe sought to create action figures related to the future, space and imagination, so his designs were influenced by that idea.

Of course your childhood was full of them Characters You do not know what Mark created, unfortunately today we have the news that he went to retire.

His designs are a great revolution, the most successful and the most interesting figures, he created He is the man, the skeleton, the Greskell castle Many more.

Every character he designed was already small Comedy Where his story is told, the goal was to bring these toys to television and movies so he could achieve anything.

Mark Taylor / Instagram

Mark Taylor fans said goodbye to him on social media.

The toys gained a lot of popularity for him, but thanks to the pressure of the toy maker and the creative team, he had to change the environment a bit and move on to another company.

In the Netflix documentary called Toys That Us, you can admire the complete history of the masters of the universe and the minds of its creators a little more.

We hope Mark Taylor resigns immediately for his loved ones, family and friends.

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