“It’s a hoax, the club wasted years playing him.”

AndIn psg No one escapes criticism. No player is free to receive feedback against his performance on the pitch. The latter has been the logo of the company, which is less and less 11 seasons at the French club.

Talking about Marco Verratti. The Italian midfielder is the most representative figure for PSG as he is the second player with the most appearances in the club’s history. 408A little behind With Jean-Marc Baillorget, 435A figure that doesn’t seem far-fetched and the Italian could soon achieve Contract until 2026.

“Veretti It was completely burnt. He can no longer play at the highest level. He can no longer play at that level. Italy coach Mancini would not make the biggest mistake of trusting Verratti,” said the RMC journalist. Daniel Riolo, At the ‘After Food’ show.

This journalist marveled at Verratti continuing to be a key player for both PSG and the Italian team: “The. PSG have lost five years playing with Verretti, who has no top level. Italy won the European Championship with Verratti, but as we always say, a team wins when Verratti is the eighth or ninth most important player in the team.”

Finally, Riolo commented that Verratti should not only not be one of PSG’s starters, but also should not continue at the club: “At PSG there are still defenders of the unfortunate level he has, he’s still incredible, it’s crazy, there’s no impact. Does nothing offensively and defensivelyThe disappointment is over with Verretti”.

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