It’s 10-1! Historic wins by Central American teams in the World Cup


Costa Rica is humiliated again A World CupJust like you received Korea and Japan 2002 to BrazilOnly this time it was empty and the score was poor.

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The Chiefs beat Tico 7-0 Luis Enrique In Al Thumama StadiumAn absolutely humiliating result for the Central American team.

This result adds to the great success achieved by Central American teams in these tournaments Honduras, Panama No Savior They are saved.

Panama players who made their debut in the World Cup suffered a heavy defeat EnglandHe won 6-1 in the arena NizhnyBut this is not the worst failure of a Central American nation World Cups.

The first-placed Salvadoran team follows a humiliating defeat in their debut game 1982 World Cup in Spain: a 10-1 in favor HungaryA selection that didn’t even advance to the round.

Other goals were 0-4 Mexico A Savior In 1970, the duo went 0-3 Honduras vs France Y Swiss In 2014, or 2-5 approved Brazil A Costa Rica.

In CONCACAF, there are worse

Interestingly, in 1938 World CupThe team Cuba reached the quarter-finals, where they won 8–0 Sweden. At that time the World Cup had fewer participants and the elimination format was different.

America He has also been beaten, one of which occurred first the worldIn 1930, he was third: it was 6-1 against Argentina. Then inside Italy 1934, suffered a heavy 1-7 defeat against the local teams. In France 1938The Stars and Stripes went 2-5 Chili.

– Worst goals by Central Americans at World Cups –

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The Savior (1970)
0-3 vs. Belgium
0-4 vs. Mexico

The Savior (1982)
1-10 vs. Hungary

Honduras (2014)
0-3 against France
0-3 vs Switzerland

Costa Rica (1990)
1-4 vs. Czechoslovakia
2-5 against Brazil

Costa Rica (2006)
2-4 against Germany
0-3 vs Ecuador

Costa Rica (2022)
7-0 against Spain

Panama (2018)
0-3 vs. Belgium
1-6 vs England

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