It is now available to 89% of the population

Telefónica has revealed key data on the expansion of 5G and 5G+ networks for Movistar and O2, its second brand.

The Movistar 5G network is increasingly reaching more areas in Spain

Telefónica has revealed that its 5G network already reaches 89% of Spain's population. thus, Nearly 9 out of 10 Spaniards have access to the Movistar and O2 mobile network. Particularly noteworthy is the expansion of the 5G band at 3500 MHz, which is offered to customers of both operators as 5G+ in 1,016 locations. Furthermore, Telefónica highlights After obtaining 298 of the €508 million rural 5G plan (active 5G networks only)to bring 5G to municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.

SA's 5G network continues to grow

Communications indicate in a statementwhich combines the 700 and 3500 MHz bands to provide 5G to 89% of the population. The first has a presence in 3,008 municipalities And The second was in the year 1016. The latter offers high performance, which translates into high speed and low latency, as well as enabling network slicing for businesses. Of course, both are more efficient than 4G, as 5G consumes up to 90% less power per unit of traffic (W/Mbps) than the previous network.

phone Continues its expansion into the 5G SA (Standalone) network. It already has a presence in 50 cities from all autonomous regionsEspecially those with a population of more than 250,000 people. 5G SA is marketed as 5G+ because it represents an advance over 5G, since it doesn't need to rely on 4G infrastructure, like this, but uses its own infrastructure. To access it we must have a compatible mobile phone, and here we show you everything that is compatible.

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finally, It is worth noting that it received €298 million out of the €508 million drawn by the 5G Rural plan (active 5G networks only).. This will make it easier for you to implement 5G technology in small and rural municipalities, while providing coverage for more than 30,000 kilometers of roads.

The goal of the rural 5G plan is Providing 5G coverage to 7,330 locations across Spain. Telefónica received €298 million out of 508 sites, which corresponds to 4,123 sites for which it will be responsible. It will greatly benefit municipalities with a population of less than 10,000.

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