Isa Gonzalez portrays his small waist in a luxurious look with a heartbeat image

Actress Isa Gonzalez Doesn’t stop surprising his followers on Instagram Seems extravagant With those who teach fashion and style classes, not only does she position herself as one of the most successful Mexican actresses in Hollywood, but she is also one of the ones she considers Heart rate It stands alone Pelvic girdle.

The daughter of former model Glenda Raina, 31, not only won a spot at Marquez, but she was able to be a special when it came to fashion and style, in fact, her career as a model has guided her to be the epitome of important campaigns for international companies.

Isa Gonzalez shows off in a luxurious look

Success like this Goneless As a model, it was announced a few days ago that it would be the Louis Vuitton brand perfume, the first Mexican to achieve something similar to the French company.

Isa It doesn’t stop there, in February of this year they aired “No, I Take Care of You” and a few days ago “Godzilla Vs Kong”, this Thursday the actress shared with her followers. “Spirit Undead”, the animated film is set to release on June 4, for which he is giving voice.

Isa shines with his followers. Photo: Special

This Friday, the model shared a series of photos on her Instagram account in which she can be seen wearing Take a look Your little girl stands alone Hip. It is a straight cut gray trousers paired with a neon yellow bodysuit and a pearl blouse.

With this Extravagance Mexican attire shows that she is a lover of fashion and style, and wants to try innovative and original outfits, and she is not only a model, but also a real fashion star.

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Isa always shows his chic page. Photo: Special


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