Is it safe to buy from Timo? Illustrates the controversy surrounding the theft of personal data

There has been a lot of noise on social media about the alleged data theft by the app Timodedicated to e-commerce, owned by a company BDD Holding Company. In this regard, the company explained how safe it is to purchase in its application It stressed that protecting user privacy is a priority in its practices.

In an interview with Digital HeraldThe company explained that PDD Holdings Inc. is subject to an extensive regulatory review, as it is listed NasdaqIts capital is $140 billion, and its stock index focuses on technology companies in the United States and the world.

Temu is operated by PDD Holdings
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“At Temu, we prioritize protecting privacy and are committed to transparency about our data practices. We collect information for a clear and singular purpose: to provide and continually improve our products and services for our users,” the position reads.

They added that when disclosing data collection practices, they resort to the principle of maximum disclosure, so that if there is a possibility of collecting specific information, it is announced. Therefore, they adhere to developer requirements set by app marketplaces such as the App Store.

PDD Holdings Inc. confirms The Grizzly Research investigation is completely baseless

Regarding the Grizzly Research report that warns against using Timo Due to the potential for espionage and data mining through the app, PDD Holdings Inc. Her investigation report that it was a malicious attempt and confirmed that it was completely baseless.

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They added that the content of the report aims to cause panic and reduce stock prices, which will benefit third parties.

Grizzly Research has published research on the alleged risks of using Temu
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“Their motives and extraordinary actions are crystal clear. We are encouraged to see that the majority of investors understood the underlying motives and saw through the baseless accusations. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the report's researchers actually conducted further follow-up actions.” Clarifies the situation.

What is Timo?

Timo It invites its users to “shop like a billionaire” with heavily discounted prices and products of all kinds through its app, which is the most downloaded in many countries and already has more than 50 million buyers. The e-commerce company connects consumers with partners and manufacturers through its online store at mostly wholesale prices.

Temu brings together more than 50 million users in the world
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Its 29 categories include apparel, sports, home, kitchen, appliances, tools, toys and more. Your model You buy It is based on next-generation manufacturing, which consists of initiating demand from consumers and then matching it by manufacturers.

Within the site it is possible to directly contact companies or sellers, who have reviews to verify the reliability of their services. Additionally, they have a return and refund policy to guarantee customers Client Better experience.

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