“Iron” cheese that revolutionized social networks

The pictures are still going viral on social media. Cuban chef Alberto González showed several photos of an iron-filled cheese he was sold.

A complaint was filed from his account in Facebook, Luzbrillante Salchipizza Alberto, where he wrote: “We kill ourselves. It has become a machine that grinds people. Between the volcanoes, Parole, we are lonely and as if that is not enough, we lose our respect for ourselves.

After the horror, many Cubans commented on the publication. As incredible as it may seem, some people don’t seem surprised by this phenomenon.

“You think the cheese is ripe. But if small boxes of rice and cassava are sold, then what to expect is a bread-making quilt. Melted condom cheese pizzas,” one user wrote.

Other comments netizens left on the chef’s page included, “It looks like fantasy, how far?”, “We are living in crazy times, brother, you should be careful” and “Long live iron cheese!”.

Some Cubans suggested he file a complaint. “My brother, you should fearlessly accuse this kind of people, can you imagine any other product instead of iron? In addition, you should be careful about who you buy things from,” they told him.

Sold in Cuba as “iron-fortified cheese”

On how some people tend to cheat in their businesses, another said: “The most important thing in a business is the regular customer (income) and these idiots only want to earn a few pesos one time. Today you have to have reliable suppliers.

Alberto González owns Salsibiza, a bakery in Havana. According to what he said last March, he received 17 Michelin stars from British chef, restaurateur and TV presenter Gordon Ramsay.

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