Irina Karamanos: The status of a first lady is an unusual space for feminists to decide to enter | National

The couple, President Gabriel Borek, talked about the future of his role at La Moneda and what his experience in government means.

in conversation with thirdAfter arriving in La Moneda in March with the current government, Karamanos stated that “The first thing is that it was a very positive thing to be able to fulfill the commitment to innovation in this space of the country. We have spent several months reviewing, speaking, analyzing and refining the elements that are part of the First Lady’s organizationbecause we wanted to assess the main points where it could improve, for example, in terms of transparency, probity, democracy and the professionalization of its foundations.”

After the change in the foundations managed by the coordination, Kramanos noted that “it increases the likelihood that the person heading the institution will be suitable, if we change the statutes. Unlike in the case of the first lady, who does not necessarily have a demonstrable track record in all of those areas.”

“I think the first lady figure in her corporate version wouldn’t miss much. That part is not what people have in the imagination. I think it’s part of being close to the president as a companion, as much as making him human, the one who generates empathy, he makes available. That’s great value, just because she I focused a lot on the character of a woman, because in almost all cases those who take this position are women, Karamanos argued.

At the end of this process, I will no longer be the Social and Cultural Coordinator, and from now on I will be Irina Karamanos. But The most important thing is that we have a new picture of the possibilities that the president’s partner has, of course, to support him and the government. What changes in a nutshell is that on the one hand it has no institutional intervention and on the other hand it has the possibility of continuing professional, economic and behavioral independence in some cases.”

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Being first lady “was fraught with tension. This is a rare space for feminism to decide to enter. However, in my opinion, we are also scattered as projects in different locations of the country, in all and a lot, generating changes and that this space was also one of them. It was uncomfortable, but I think the discomfort is a good indication that you are in a place that you are actively revisiting, and you understand its mechanics, and the parts involved in that role. It gave me the possibility and peace of mind to be able to change it.”

The changes to the position of first lady will result in Karamanos leaving La Moneda around the end of the yearAlong with the entire staff.

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