iPhone 14 Destroys All Android Manufacturers With Dynamic Island

When it comes to news, we always focus on hardware, but that’s not always the point. Yesterday Manjana He gave a new one iPhone 14 One of the most interesting software developments in recent years. Users who scoffed at the new “loophole” are now speechless at what the company has achieved. New Dynamic Island left android manufacturers With a red face.

One of the biggest innovations of iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max It is an alternative to the classic notch for an elongated hole. This is where you add all the sensors FaceID And the front camera.

Dynamic Island: The innovation that makes iPhone 14 Pro stand out

No camera or new screen, which makes the new one stand out iPhone 14 Pro is your dynamic island. Not because of its shape or even the screen implementation, but because of what they were able to do on the software side. Haven’t you seen anything yet? So first you need to watch this video:

Manjana We were able to transform the feeling of an element cluttering the screen into an element that interacted with the interface and was useful. Looking at the animations and integrations that Apple has achieved, we can see that the hardware is less important in this area.

It also helps to see that all Android manufacturers, without exception, are light years away from Apple and its philosophy. Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei Cameras with a hole in the screen have been implemented for years. What is the biggest innovation trying to hide or make it more useful? Start the wallpaper with a darker area to cover the hole.

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Apple has hit the table pretty big and can be very proud of solving one of the “problems” of current devices with little code and a lot of imagination.

to New iPhones They can be blamed for many things but they have silenced those who were going to say “Android has been around for years”. What do you think? Dynamic Island?

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