Interpol already has an arrest warrant against Axel Lopez

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Honduran police officers made it official Interpol Already came the red notice Axel Lopez, Guatemalan businessman and legal representative of the company Elmut Medical Systems Inc., A consortium sold to Honduras Investment-H, Seven defective mobile hospitals to combat the Govt-19 epidemic by 2020.

In the last days, Honduras Attorney’s Office Directed against investigation and legal practice Marco Pocron Y Alex Moraes, The former directors of this state-owned company and responsible for signing the contract, between March and April 2020.

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Hospitals, made Turkey, A Eurasian country, arrived in July of that year amid imprisonment and local hospital enrichment. Later, when the case was already embroiled in controversy, health groups checked whether they had production defects, which were used and which were not suitable for caring for viral patients.

Currently, only one is located San Pedro Sula With interruptions to times and other failures, it functioned in the service of the population, crowded with hospitals in the country, while the curve grows at an interval and deaths mourn a nation whose health system begins to decline. Olanzo Y Cobain (Almost 5% Death).

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Axel Lopez won an extraordinary contract, as defined by Invest-H auditors: the company’s executives paid him in advance (100%), he did not provide quality guarantees, and he did not respond to complaints as a supplier.

“Interpol already has a red notice Axel Lopez“Police Commissioner Jair Mesa explains the news Today. “Once identified, Interpol must identify the person under investigation in order to capture which country it belongs to.”

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Although Lopez’s current whereabouts are unknown, Honduran lawyers and security officials believe he may be. United States, The country he often travels to and where he resides for his work.

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“If this person moves through authorized border points, these countries, through Interpol, must identify Lopez in accordance with this red notice,” the police official added.

$ 20 million

I would have earned it
Axel Lopez in talks
Mobile hospitals.

Lopez was added by them Ministry of Public Works Under the tax restraining order against Pokhran and Moraes, they have been jailed on a bond Marco Aurelio Soto National Prison, According to this financial institution, in the case, for the danger of the plane, in the Tamara of Francisco Morasan.

Pokhron was paid as director of Invest-H , 000 48,000,000 Lopez was a mediator for the Elmet Medical Systems Federation. The National Anti-Corruption Council (CNA) in a statement 69% Facilities were exaggerated.

Commenting on the capture of the Guatemalan businessman, Jair Meesa said: “It depends on the procedures being carried out. Once handed over to Interpol, the handover will take place. They (Interpol and the Ministry of Public Works) may provide information on his whereabouts.”

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