Instagram adds button to limit interactions and prevent harassment

The tool allows you to silence notifications for up to four weeks. (dpa)

Instagram has added a feature to expand its fight against online harassment. The app introduced a tool that allows users to control interactions on their posts from cellphone settings.

This update is available on iOS and Android devicesThe 'Restrictions' section is integrated and provides a powerful option to control who can interact with your content on the social network.

The arrival of this functionality is part of the new features the site has recently added, In its effort to make the social network a safer place, especially for younger users. Activities designed to reduce harassment and negative experiences on the platform include the possibility of limiting chats with strangers and greater parental control.

With this new button, users can block people who are not in their best friends list on Instagram. When activated, Notifications and communications from users outside of this list will be disabled, helping to create a more controlled and secure environment for users.

The tool allows you to silence notifications for up to four weeks. (Instagram)

The 'Limited Contacts' feature focuses on communication and not content. This means that while you can still see other users' posts, some people's interactions with you will be hidden.

To access 'Defined Contacts', You need to open your profile on Instagram, go to the settings menu (located in the hamburger menu in the upper right corner)And select the 'Limited contacts' option.

In this section, you can choose which types of interactions you want to restrict. This includes:

  • I love it.
  • comments.
  • Labels.
  • Live news.
The tool allows you to silence notifications for up to four weeks. (Instagram)

Then, you can decide who you want to control. Options include:

  • All users except your 'best friends'
  • Recent followers
  • Accounts that unfollow you
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By selecting these options, contacts from excluded accounts will be automatically hidden, This means that while those users can continue to comment and send messages, you won't receive notifications or see those interactions.

Instagram allows you to set the duration of these limits up to 4 weeksThere is a possibility of extension once this deadline expires.

The tool allows you to silence notifications for up to four weeks. (dpa)

The introduction of 'Limited Interactions' is part of a series of measures Instagram has implemented to combat online harassment. previously, The platform has already introduced filters on direct messages to prevent people from receiving explicit images and other forms of unwanted content.

Meta noted that this feature is not limited to protecting minors, but is available to all users of the app. LThe idea is to provide quick and direct access to restricted contacts, especially in situations where users feel overwhelmed or harassed.

Peek is an experimental feature that generates meta internally for Instagram. According to TechCrunch's reports and observations by Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known reverse engineer and leaker, The tool allows users to capture moments and share them instantly without the option of editing photos or applying filters.

The idea behind this tool is simple: users use the camera to take photos in real time, which encourages spontaneity and Authenticity compared to the carefully edited and curated images that often populate Instagram feeds.

This function does not allow uploading images from the phone's gallery, reflecting the intention of capturing moments as they happen, without the possibility of subsequent manipulation.

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