Influencer of Veracruz Majo López freezes the networks with an enviable image | Photographs

Maria Jose Lopez Malo Born 35 year old model VeracruzShe became famous for her enviable figure as well as sharing her lifestyle through her social networks.

He shows it on his social networks Travel around the world, your fitness life and your pets. This has led to her having over a million followers on Instagram, which has opened doors to great opportunities with various brands.

María José López Malo is a 35-year-old model born in Veracruz (Photo: Instagram/ @majolopezmalo)

The young woman is very proud, because everything is thanks to her own efforts and perseverance Your clothing store. The businesswoman insists that she loves being her own boss and that her biggest idol is herself.

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today”, is a motto he uses to continue the success of his business.

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In turn, Lopez Malo won not only in social networks. It has also gained great popularity through the platform Fans onlyAlthough it was not originally in his mind to earn in this way.

He studied gastronomy and won several bodybuilding championships, so he only used his networks to offer nutrition and fitness advice. however, On the advice of a friend, he decided to open his account.

On the advice of a friend, he decided to open his only fan account (Photo: Instagram/ @majolopezmalo)

He started first with underwear content, but gradually raised the level until he reached it. Exclusive content Adults only. “At first I had to pour my tequilas to gain courage and relax. I’m used to taking pictures of myself, but not naked,” she explained.

Now, after settling in Spain, he will transfer his content to a new project. He hinted that a European erotic content producer had hired him and that his cooperation would be available soon.

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