Independiente del Valle advances to Copa Sudamericana playoffs after beating Uruguay's Liverpool 2-1 in Quito | Football | game

Independiente del Valle qualified for the playoffs of Copa Sudamericana-2024 after defeating Uruguay's Liverpool 2-1 in Quito this Thursday.

With a brace from Argentina's Lautaro Díaz (20th and 55th minutes), the black and blue side were held back by San Lorenzo, who drew 0-0 against Palmeiras in Brazil. Agustin Gonzalez scored for Liverpool in the 35th minute.

Independiente del Valle need a win to advance to the round of 16 and will be looking for a loss to Ciclon, who faced Endric and company in Sao Paulo. Now he is consoling himself in a second club competition in South America.

After six dates, Group F ended with Palmeiras leading the way with 14 points, followed by San Lorenzo (8), Independiente del Valle (7) and Liverpool (4).

brush fight

Youngster Kendry Páez, 17, has already shown in these Libertadores that he is capable of running the strings at Independiente del Valle even at his young age.

Playing the club season in international matches, he asked for the ball, looked for gaps and tried to create danger with his passes.

In the 20th minute, a foul by center back Enzo Martinez led Liverpool to an early loss.

Striker Lautaro Díaz took the ball from him, passed it to Pease, who returned the gesture to the chagrin of goalkeeper Gaston Kuruseka. Argentina striker Díaz scored against a single defender trying to get in front of goal.

Del Valle was not satisfied. From that moment Renato and Romario Ibarra began to join in with Baez and Díaz in good joint actions that were not successful due to lack of goal.

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In the 35th minute, Agustin Gonzalez's left foot gave Liverpool coach Emiliano Alfaro hope, and Del Valle was again unsettled.

'10' nailed a shot that easily went over the bar and then 'Spider' Moises Ramirez who could do nothing about the shot. The first half was a star-studded battle on the field.

The effort is futile

Both teams left the Libertadores trailing at half-time as San Lorenzo drew level at the Allianz Park in Sao Paulo.

Liverpool were keen to qualify for the round of 16 of the competition for the first time in their history, but again Del Valle looked to settle the match quickly in their favour.

In the 55th minute, left back Yaimer Medina made a pass to Lautaro Díaz. The striker, at speed, positioned his body to delicately touch the ball, which soared and ballooned past the Kurusika goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, San Lorenzo continued their unbeaten run against Endric and his teammates, who played their last game with Palmeiras before leaving for Real Madrid. That decision never changed.

The sacking was a slap in the face for coach Javier Candolfi, who was tasked with reaching the round of 16 last year, when the giant killer showed his nickname and was dismissed by Colombia's modest Deportivo Pereira. (D)

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