In Turkey, a lake provides scientific clues about the Jessaro crater on Mars International | News

Scientists believe that Lake Salta, in the Turkish province of Bardur, shares mineral and geographical features similar to the Jessero Valley.


The 40-square-kilometer lake in southwestern Turkey has drawn scientists’ attention to the similarities they see in Nazareth’s diligent rover landing on the Xero galaxy.

Scientists believe it Lake Salta, in the Turkish province of Bardur, It shares mineral and geographical properties similar to the Jesero gorge, semi-public company Anatolu reported this Friday.

“Salta is a living laboratory for the development of the first living forms on earth. There is no similar laboratory in the world ”, Geologist Canton Kokioklu points to Anatolu.

Knowledge of the mineral composition of Lake Salta will help you search for ancient signs of life on the surface of Mars.

“Hydromagnetic minerals formed as a result of the action of bacteria in salt are formed into mineral carbonates. Similar structures have been found in the Xero gorge, ”he added.

Scientists believe that the Xero gorge is one similar to Lake Salta A lake that can retain organic molecules and microorganisms in arid and clay sediments millions of years ago.

Returning to Earth, the diligent study that landed yesterday and Thursday is expected to provide information about Mars, the solar system and the possibilities of life outside our planet. (I)

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