In the absence of official results, Savismo announces its defeat in Parinas

Opposition candidate for the governorship of Hugo Chavez’s governor of Parinas, Sergio Carrido (c), speaks to reporters today from his campaign command in Parinas (Venezuela).

Photo: EFE Agency

While Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has yet to speak, Hugo Chavez’s native Savinist candidate for governor of Paris, George Areza, announced his defeat through his Twitter account.

“Dear Parinas. The information we receive from our PSUV configurations indicates that despite our increase in votes, the target has not been met. I heartily thank you for our heroic fighting spirit. We will protect the people of Bar from everywhere, ”the Savista candidate wrote.

Summary of the day

The resumption of regional elections this Sunday in the state of Paris, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, came to an end in the face of a massive presence of police and military officials. Rarely are there any incidents.

Polling stations opened at 6:00 (10:00 GMT) local time, and two hours later, 100% of the tables were opened, official candidate George Areza explained in public.

After the launch, former opposition candidate Freddie Superlano pointed out that when regional elections were held across the country, “the military and police presence in Parinas is worse than it was on November 21,” Chavez reiterated today. Land, as per Supreme Court order (TSJ).

The Supreme Court ordered re-election in the Lanora region after overturning the November results – where Superlano won by a narrow margin against the late president’s brother, Argentine Chavez – accusing the opposition of appearing despite being disqualified.

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The former candidate also denounced the presence of Savista officials who campaigned using public resources during the election process.

It also revealed that three election witnesses from the anti-Savista constituency in Cruz Paredes municipality had been detained early in the morning after denouncing the “help-vote” cases.

“Something that appeared during the process, the aid vote, was reduced, almost disappeared from the last event, intimidated in this municipality and our witnesses made it very clear. For this they have been arbitrarily detained,” he explained.

By the end of the afternoon, two of them had already been released, but Superlano said there was still one witness in jail.

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