In July, Tetris Effect: Connected will be released as a cross-platform game with a free upgrade.

Owners of Tetris Effect will receive a free upgrade to Tetris Effect: Connected in July, as well as cross-platform play. On the PlayStation Blog, it was reported that the popular Tetris Effect will receive a free update that will bring all copies of the game up to date. The expansion, which focuses on co-op and competitive Tetris matches, will be available to players at no additional cost. The specific date of the update’s release has yet to be determined, although it is expected to come in late July. Because there isn’t much time left to publicise it, expect to hear more in the following weeks. 

All of this is being done to get the game ready for cross-play, which will be included in the update. Players on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox will be able to play against one another regardless of platform. Lobbies will be assigned a ‘Room ID,’ which they may subsequently share with their pals. It’s also worth noting that if you’re broadcasting or want to prevent others from joining, you’ll be able to hide the code. Those who do not wish to play, however, can still participate in the experience. There is also a spectator option that allows 4-6 people to watch the game (depending on the mode). 

If you want to get a head start, the new upgrade as well as cross-platform multiplayer will be beta tested this month. “All owners of the current edition of Tetris Effect will be able to download a beta,” the message states. Tetris Effect: Connected is a free version of the game. Come help us iron out the kinks and issues beginning June 23, 8 p.m. PDT / June 24, 3 a.m. UTC / June 24, 12 p.m. JST.” The beta test will be available until July 5, 11:59 p.m. PDT. It’s fantastic that gamers will now be able to play together, as Tetris is all about bringing people together.

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Tetris Effect has grown in popularity among fans, not only for introducing a new Tetris game to the public, but also for its auditory and visual presentation. It’s a very unique product that’s a must-have for any Tetris enthusiast. We’re anticipating a large stock drop from Amazon on everything from consoles, headsets, games, storage, and more, so don’t miss our Prime Day PS5 discounts roundup. For further news, you can still find on other online sites, to know more updates related to this news. As many of the news pages are having an idea on the news and having the latest things in a better manner.

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