In Jail and Divorce: After 14 Years of Disappearance, Is Televisa’s Protagonist Returning to TV Azteca?

Mexico City.- After 14 years removed from soap operasA famous The hero of television Appearing again on television. It is nothing more and nothing less Yadira Carrillowith whom he reunited John Soler In an honest interview Aztec TV? No, but in the morning The sun rises As recalled, the 49-year-old Mexican left acting to devote herself to her private life with her husband, Juan Collado, who is in prison for alleged charges. Financial fraud Y organized crime.

He acted in melodramas like Yathira Another, loving you is my sin, the bane of love Y Women’s word Throughout his career, however, in 2008 he disappeared from the forums, devoting himself to his family. Captured on rare occasions outside prison There is her husband, ex-partner and father of two children Letty CalderonFrom 2019 onwards. from the first Aguascalienteswho started as beauty queenHe found fame in acting and became the producer’s muse Ernest Alonso.

Yadira Carrillo on Televisa before her retirement

After Divorce From her first husband, her love and work life took a turn in 2008. The actress decided to leave everything and focus on her relationship with the lawyer Juan ColladoHe got married in 2012. In 2019, he stopped He is currently incarcerated in the CDMX jail. For this reason, Yadira again appeared publicly outside the jail. The last time we saw her, she had a very different haircut, but her beauty remained the same. However, it received criticism from some”Extra kilos“.

After a 14-year hiatus from soap operas, Carrillo made a spectacular comeback on television. The actress gave an interview to Argentine Juan Soler, with whom she starred Other. The actor invited her to his unit.Juan Grill for the morning Film TV. As her husband continued to support her during her imprisonment and vowed not to return to acting as she was devoted to him, the actress spoke about what she went through in this situation and assured that it was not easy.

I am very proud of him, I am always with him, I am always with him, we cook for him, we wash his sheets, we wash his clothes, I take him to him,” she said.

And he added: “I am very proud of him, because he can fight in many ways, and he does it legally, on the right side, while others can do it in a different way, openly display and shout. So people see and know, he is a moderate person, So orderly, so meticulous, so disciplined, he’s a person I admire deeply, I love deeply, and the admiration I feel for him is boundless, because I see. He’s very unworthy of that place.”

Yadira Carrillo and Juan Collado

Regarding what he’s learned and how the legal matter has affected him personally, Carrillo admits to being determined: “Nothing is more important than life, health, family, love and God.” In addition, he was honest about how difficult everything was: “Already 3 years A tragedy, a great ordeal. I didn’t cry, I cried a little because I was the one who had to come with my husband to tell him how delicious I brought you, let’s go up, what’s up today… a movie or a series. Eat, we made this for you at home and they sent you this book.

Finally, the actress revealed it They offered to return to Televisa several times And they called her for the remake Cradle of Wolves However, in 2019, she confirms that her priority is to focus on her husband’s situation and support him: “Now in the three years that I have been in this case, they have given me a telenovela. ‘Cradle of Wolves’Do you remember?, but when they said 12 projects like this in three years, there were some projects and I told them not now because I’m taking care of Juan.

The first thing is Juan, first my husband, that follows, that’s why you get married. “What I would like is to do something smaller, like a series, but something more for kids, like animals, kids, but a very familiar, A-rated theme,” he concluded.

Even, so dear in their meeting, both take a Photography He reminisced about his time as protagonists Other, which they did 20 years ago, delighted their fans. “This #tbt 20 years with @yadhira_carrillo, do you remember the novel we created together?”, the Argentine wrote on his Twitter account. Instagram. “What a cute couple they made”, “Best soap opera”, “One of my favorite soap operas”, “They had great chemistry”, were some of the comments of netizens.

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Source: Tribune

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