In Italy a woman mistakenly receives the 6-dose Covid-19 vaccine

(CNN) – A 23-year-old student in Italy received the wrong six-dose vaccine Govit-19 From Fischer to a hospital in Tuscany.

Daniela Giannelli from Nova Hospital’s press office said the young woman did not experience any adverse reactions after receiving six injections.

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The patient, who was “in good health” and not suffering from any illness, was hospitalized for 24 hours under intensive care and was later discharged, Gianelli said.

This mistake was made by a health worker who accidentally filled a syringe into the entire vial of the vaccine, which contained a total of six doses. Shortly after administering the medication, the nurse realized what had happened.

“He saw five empty syringes and realized his mistake,” Gianelli said. He said doctors would continue to monitor the patient’s immunity to the “massive vaccine”.

As a practitioner in the psychology department of the hospital, the student had the right to be vaccinated before his or her age. An investigation was opened, the press official said, but “it may have been a human error, it was certainly not intentional.”

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