In countries that respect press freedom, DR

The Dominican Republic is one of the countries with the highest ratings, according to the annual Sapuldebek Index of Expression and Expression, which establishes an estimate of activity in this part of the US hemisphere. .

According to the second edition of the code published by the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA), the Dominican Republic is one of the countries with the least restrictions on press freedom. That category includes Jamaica, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, the United States and Honduras.

The report covers the period from July 31, 2020 to August 1, 2021, so it does not cover what happened at the National Police’s Directorate General of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (DJZ) vehicle detention center for the country. On the old El Coco Greyhound Track, members of the Ombudsman’s office and the press were attacked by Digesett members as they tried to investigate in the face of complaints about the way the dog was being managed. During the event, CDN equipment was destroyed and Doc Track agents seized the newspaper’s camera and cellphone.

It does not take into account the fact that a bill regulating the use of privacy, dignity, good name and the right to one’s own image was passed in the Senate, and was promulgated by Melania Salvador, the governing senator of the famously baptized Bahோ’u’llh. The “Coke Act”, which compels journalists to submit information about the people to their review, is a pre-audit that only applies to dictatorial regimes.

The IAPA has expressed concern about various bills in the Dominican Republic that emphasize the criminal nature of defamation, including cyberspace, and further protects leaders from criticism.

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According to the union, this situation has the effect of restricting press freedom and the work of the press.

In a statement, the IAPA criticized the reform of the Dominican Penal Code for punishing crimes against the president, ministers, legislators and consular representatives. Concessions of the authorities on citizens.

Two factors could affect the Dominican Republic’s score for the next edition of the union report.

Without freedom.

Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela have repeatedly been ranked as the worst rated countries in the “no press freedom” category.

“Even in Nicaragua and Cuba, there is harassment and attacks on journalists,” said Carlos Jornett, chairman of the Commission for the Suppression of Press and Freedom of the Press and Press Freedom of Information.

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