Imagining Education: An Urgent Space to Explore the Keys to Learning in Latin America

A day to act on the present and future of education

Campus entry Monterey Tech It is a journey into the future. The portal is the iconic mural that crowns the rectory. Board Jorge Gonzalez Camarena It represents the triumph of civilization and cooperation in the face of frustration. It is a mark of origin passed on to teachers, researchers and students: innovation is born of commitment. Today there are Tec campuses in more than twenty states and the number of students exceeds several tens of thousands.

Tec develops educational solutions using Virtual RealityAnd the augmented realityAnd the Artificial intelligenceProcedures designed in the metaverse, are used blockchain There is also a category with A Hologram Professor. All these developments respond to measurable educational goals. Teacher class with hologram effect It does not “in person” a teacher who is elsewhere – in another city or another country – but the effectiveness of this method outweighs the use of the method by more than 20 percentage points. Zoom in.

Isaac Lopez-Reyna, Sabrina Seltzer, and Lucy Sanchez spoke about leadership and innovation
Isaac Lopez-Reyna, Sabrina Seltzer, and Lucy Sanchez spoke about leadership and innovation

In this area of ​​exploration and creativity, Ticmas has implemented a new day of the cycle “Imagine educationThat started last Saturday in Mexico City. Ticmas is an educational experience spread across Latin America that proposes a new approach to teaching and learning, with a platform that works on smart phonescomputers and other devices through which access to content that is coordinated by specialists from each methodological discipline, there is also a special unit for Project based learning and a department for accompaniment and teacher training, among other functions.

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The event was held in a modern Tec room next to the American football stadium where it was “Sheep”university team. With this impressive framework, important educational leaders from various fields spoke before a large group of principals and teachers of secondary and secondary schools, as well as before students applying from the Teachers’ School.

Carlos Fernando Recordon Dagio and Daniel Bonifaz on the course "Imagine education"
Carlos Fernando Recordon Dagio and Daniel Bonifaz in the “Imagine Education” course

Through different formats – interviews, dialogues, presentations and networking spaces – the day’s extensive agenda was attended to Samantha Martinez Narciso (Head of Training for the Northern Region of Enseña por México), Sabrina Seltzer (Director of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at the Institute for the Future of Education at Tec), Isaac Lopez Reyna (leader of teacher training projects at PrepaTec de Monterrey), Maria de la Luz Sanchez Oval (winner of the program “We are the Change”), Ximena Molina Spota (Academic Coordinator at Nazli Institute), Carlos Fernando Recordon Dagio (PrepaTec National Leader of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages), Daniel Boniface (tutorials implementer Roberto Rocca Chemical Engineer), etc.

The closure was responsible for the Spanish landmark Pepe Menendezwho, through a remarkable conference on post-pandemic education, made a series of face-to-face remarks and called for the creation of Interesting schools.

Pepe Menendez with students who aspire to become teachers
Pepe Menendez with students who aspire to become teachers

Crucial aspects have been touched upon before, such as the interpretation of his proposed reform Secretary of Public Education and its relationship to the model ABPThe financial management of schools, the characteristics and skills that an educational leader should have in innovative environments.

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This last panel in particular had an associated dynamic that suggested the participation of all meeting attendees: each one had to point out in a cloud of words the most salient traits of leadership. The most voted concepts were: TelecommunicationsAnd the cooperationAnd the passionAnd the Data dependent.

Characteristics that, not coincidentally, are at the heart of Tec and Ticmas.

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