If you dedicate yourself to one of these 20 careers, ChatGPT may soon take your place, says science

The OpenAI language model could be the nail in the coffin for many jobs.

Call operators have all the ballots to be replaced by AI. unsplash

We’re not the only ones who think so. the artificial intelligence models Which is developing in recent years, especially in recent months, has come to stay and will do so on some occasions Replace the work we do Humans. One of the hottest AI tools today is ChatGPT and its many capabilities, including adding extensions to Chrome. Now a study says so 20 jobs are at risk For the rise of this artificial intelligence.

Goodbye human, hello artificial intelligence

Information comes to us through a Study published in the journal Arxivwhich confirms The professions that will have the greatest impact Because of the usual use of artificial intelligence models such as chat. Some industries and sectors make sense After a look at the list, however other professions still looks far To be influenced by this kind of “machine of the future”.

You can think of writing, illustration, or database management jobs as the jobs that will be most affected by the democratization of some AI models, but proposed list to researchers from Princeton University and New York University as follows:

  • Telemarketers
  • Literature teachers
  • Foreign language teachers
  • History teachers
  • Law professors
  • Teachers of religion and philosophy
  • Sociology professors
  • Professors of political science
  • Professors in the field of criminal justice
  • sociologists
  • Social workers
  • Psychology professors
  • Contact gurus
  • Political scientists
  • Cultural studies teachers
  • Arbitrators, conciliators and mediators
  • Judges and justices of the peace
  • Geography teachers
  • Library science teachers
  • Clinical and school psychologists
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Use the experts Ten most used AI applications And they have Compare different jobs. The result was an index called AIOE, which stands for Occupational Exposure to Artificial Intelligence, which will show the relationship between current skills of AI models and the skills needed to perform different jobs. Manav Raja researcher, it states which – that:

Given the excitement generated by ChatGPT and its language modeling techniques, we thought it would be interesting to isolate its effects. There are many fun things that can be done with ChatGPT, such as creating a syllabus or suggesting readings. Today’s skills for educators involve a lot of content creation and working with language, and that’s what these technologies focus on, those skills.

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