“If things go wrong, one step after another will come”


San Lorenzo de Almagro fell 4-3 to Defense and Justice, who lost by three goals, after which coach Pedro Troclio took his place.

“It’s true that the time of a coach is not the time of San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo must win yesterday, today and tomorrow. That’s true. Until, he began to say at a press conference.

At the start of the match in Argentina, Guerrero added just one point out of the controversial 9 points, and Troclio knows the pressure.

“I said the first day; If I make a mistake, it’s my problem. I can’t blame the players, I need to rescue the players. I do not care if they tease me, I do not care if something goes wrong, and if it does, that’s it, step by step, step by step. I have to pick the moments and try to find the best for San Lorenzo and for me, ”he said.

The former Olympia coach knows that positive results are urgently needed, but he also points out that there are many young people on their team.

Troglio was consulted about some refereeing errors that could change the course of the match.

“I do not want to be a judge. We needed results, but the tie would not have been fantastic. What I see calms me down, I constantly understand that a coach’s times do not coincide with the company’s times, and one has to add points because this is the most important thing.

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Lastly, don’t think that this bitter beginning goes through the emotional theme of those you direct. “For me it was not a matter of attitude, it was not lacking on the team, it was something else that was not there, it was in the second half; Can give two passes in a row. Came to an end.

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