“If Guatemala insists on arresting only men, we have nothing to do with Guatemala.”

The Guatemalan prosecutor’s office announced Monday (January 16). His willingness to bring Colombian Defense Minister Ivan Velázquez to justice for alleged illegal activity He served as head of the UN Anti-Mafia Mission in the Central American country.

In view of the above, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, summoned the ambassador in that country for consultation and issued a stern warning to the government of President Alejandro Giammatte: “If Guatemala insists on arresting only men, we have nothing to do with Guatemala.

Likewise, the current Colombian minister appointed head of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala to eradicate “impunity” in that country is now “persecuted by the interests he touched,” the head of state said.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamatte. – Photo: PA

“Corruption, assassination from power, creates powerful interests that want to perpetuate themselves,” says President Velázquez. And, “We are not going to allow him to be attacked, harassed and cornered by those who are not immune to that punishment.”

Arriving in Switzerland this Tuesday, January 17, To be part of the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Pedro added, “The fight against impunity is one of the strongest fights a person can wage.”

President Pedro arrived in Switzerland
President Pedro arrived in Switzerland. – Photo: week

In this regard, the Ambassador of Colombia in Guatemala, Victoria Gonzalez Ariza is scheduled to appear for counseling in the coming days As a result of the tense diplomatic situation created by the request of the Guatemalan Public Ministry.

“We protect him and he will continue to be our minister” President Gustavo Pedro said.

The Guatemalan prosecutor’s office points to Defense Minister Ivan Velázquez

This Monday, January 16, an old controversy erupted against current Defense Minister Ivan Velázquez. After the Guatemalan prosecutor’s office announced that it would go against a Colombian portfolio manager for events related to Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. When he was the head of the International Commission against Impunity (Cicig).

In that case, Guatemala’s Public Ministry issued three more arrest warrants this Monday and a warning to the Colombian prosecutor. He indicated that the construction company in the Latin American country was going after people involved in bribery to make more money.

Ivan Velásquez Minister of Defense
Ivan Velásquez, Colombian Minister of Defense. – Photo: Guillermo Torres-Week

Although no arrest warrant has yet been issued for the senior officer, Guatemala’s Attorney General, Rafael Krucic, has made it clear that he is seeking justice and hopes to take legal action against Velázquez. An arrest warrant was also issued in the Odebrecht scandal this Monday, when it was discovered that he was responsible for Cicig, who worked hand in hand with Thelma Aldana, a former prosecutor of the Latin American country.

The Special Prosecutor Against Impunity will take legal action to hold former Cicig Commissioner Ivan Velásquez Gómez and former Cicig employee Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón accountable for their illegal, arbitrary and abusive actions.Highlighting the prosecutor’s office, he immediately explained the arguments they had against the top Colombian official.

Obviously, One of the main pieces of evidence against minDefensa nacional is an email sent by lawyer Camargo GarzónA Colombian national, in which he presented a request on behalf of former lawyer Aldana y Velazquez, who wanted to change some aspects of ethical cooperation in 2017.

A few months later, another email was sent The participation of both former lawyer Aldana and current minister Velázquez was recorded, in which the signing of cooperation agreements with Odebrecht was approved.

This indicates that they had full knowledge of the murky and corrupt negotiations with Odebrecht. The Guatemalan prosecutor’s office convicted the current defense minister of being a participant in corrupt practices, according to documents in his possession.

Therefore, from the Public Ministry of Guatemala, it was insisted that the proceedings against Velázquez and the lawyer Camargo continue, all for being in the middle of the approvals of the relationship and negotiations with the Brazilian construction company.

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