Identity signatures will disappear on the walls of La Bodeguita del Media in Havana

Iconic signatures on the walls La Bodeguita del Media They are gone forever. Someone ordered them to be destroyed, and even though many years and many customers have passed, the restaurant will never see what it was.

Robin Petraja, Creative Director Wistar Magazine Shared a post on Facebook La Bodeguita del Media. The Cubans wondered who had the intention to destroy that tradition.

Netizens responded with disbelief to the post. Many have pointed out that this must be a game or a bad joke from someone who uses Photoshop.

“Really !!?! Tell me this is Photoshop … it can’t be true, Nooh. The walls are one of the hallmarks of that place, if not the trademark,” says one Cuban in the comments.

This is not a comedy or image manipulation game. This is a fact of life. Memories of thousands of customers of Cubans and mainly foreigners are gone forever.

They also destroyed the characteristic image of the restaurant, which now does not show light colors on its interior walls, but shows a strong blue color similar to that on its facade.

Restorer and interior decorator Lenore Herrera He was concerned about calling the famous Cuban restaurant to make sure the signatures on the walls had actually been erased. The answer is a resounding yes.

“I called La Bodeguida del Media, and they certainly painted the walls and covered everything that was written because the walls did not have to be cut down as a result of the restoration they were doing. And I ask: ‘Where is the historic center of the restorators?’ ! ā€¯Herrera said on Facebook.

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Louis Lagosta, Commenting in a post by Petraja, art director of the Cuban Department of Art and Film (ICAIC), said it was important to condemn those who commit these atrocities.

“I’m tired, sad, and so excited … everyone in my country does whatever they want every day. M in P is a tradition of our culture. What does the MINCULT that allows this brutality do? After all? Does that institution belong to Palmeras? I need to see their leaders to see what level they are at to run a company that serves.I’m going to say something else to those “leaders”, do you know why there are so many M’s in the world? They should be reprimanded, they should not be punished, “said Lagosta.

A Cuban mentioned it There may be other reasons For example, to destroy signatures on the Bodeguida del Media: “Of course they were afraid that they would put down the Down Canal / Town with Communism / Homeland and Life.”

Overseas, a Cuban wondered, “Why do I never get good news from Cuba? It’s like they enjoy screwing everything up …” he said.

In many respects the image of the late Havana historian is revealed, Eusebio Leal Spengler. People consider such scenes to be rare during their existence.

This is the truth This is not the first time Signatures are erased on the walls of La Bodeguita del Media. The restaurant closed in 1959, then nationalized and its walls were painted, losing all the original signatures of its first phase.

For many years it reclaimed its traditional illumination and kept it one of the most visited in Havana. Its menu is regular Creole, a world-famous home drink, with its “mojitos”. It is located on Empedrado Street Cathedral Square.

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Gabriela Mistral, Augustine Laura, Pablo Neruda, Ernest Hemingway, Nicholas Gillan and many other writers, musicians, artists, scientists, politicians have gone through this Havana restaurant. Athletes from Cuba and around the world, We left their signatures forever as a memory, however we will never see them again.

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