‘ID card, vehicle data and phone’, what government needs to sell fuel in Havana

The Havana government has implemented a new fuel sales system that forces drivers to provide their personal data And they will be notified when the time comes to buy the vehicle, the official site said Havana Citizen’s Portal.

The new measures were tested at the El Tangana Servicentro in the Plaza de la Revolución Municipality in the El Vedado neighborhood. According to the authorities, the aim is to “avoid crowding, shift selling and social indiscipline by unscrupulous persons taking advantage of the situation”.

From Friday, “thirty service centers in the approved network will have an in-charge appointed by the Municipal Executive Council. The responsible person who is said to be accompanied by other factors (authorities) will proceed to register the customer’s personal data (full name, identity card number and phone number) and vehicle (circulation permit and license plate). .

This “Registration of Fuel Sales Request” can be done only between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. At the service center selected by the customer. With the data collected, “the person in charge will create an information group on a digital platform (WhatsApp or Telegram) so that everyone can see who is responsible for buying fuel during the day.”

Based on the amount of fuel supplied at each station, the service center manager and the person in charge of organizing sales will calculate the number of vehicles that can be operated on that day and report to the formed team.

With fuel warranty at the service center, According to the order of arrival and once the customer has been verified as quoted, he will be given a ticket or voucher which will be collected at the track when he refuels. The customer will be automatically removed from the records. To reactivate, you will have to re-register at the specified time and you will be assigned a new number.

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The CIMEX Service Centers Department is automating this process through national computer applications, which will be released in due course.

Government of Villa Clara announced on Thursday that henceforth petrol sales to private car drivers will be once a month and heavily rationed. On the citizens’ portal wall, the authorities assured: “We are aware of the needs posed by the owners of private vehicles without driving license in the current emergency situation”, for which they decided to sell to private drivers. Every 30 days “according to availability in each municipality of the province”.

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