“I spoke with Zendejas to get a place in the Mexican team”

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Mexico’s new coach touched on the subject of the American player and his potential call-up in the future

Technician of Mexican teamDiego CocaHe assured that he was in touch with Alexander ZendejasPlayed for USA but can still represent Mexicoand left the decision up to the attackers.

“There is confusion Gentejas I spoke to him twice, first to say he could stay with us and second to say he was not eligible and he would sign a paper and the decision was his. We are clarifying the timing for him to take a decision,” he assured.

Gentejas will be thought through America To meet obligations Grenada and El Salvador. If an Aguilas player answers the call and has minutes in these games, he can no longer go for a try call. However, Mexico is not taking his finger off the line and is trying to convince him to stay in the team he commands. Diego Coca.

Zendayas with a United States shirtGood pictures

If Gentejas Decide to be with Mexico You should reject the possible invitation of the Americans and make your only change in the Confederacy.

In recent times, Gentejas There was friction with Gerardo Martino and with Mexican Football Confederation After a former coach Mexican team The United States midfielder wanted to press on to play World Cup 2022 with MexicoDisliked comment Alexander Zendejas and his environment. However, the player understood that “Tada” was no longer in charge of the Mexican team and that a new story could be written.

ESPN That was reported several weeks ago GentejasDespite differences with MartinoThe doors are not closed Mexico And he remains undecided about his future, although in January he responded to a call-up from the United States for a friendly match, a situation in which the Stars and Stripes selection has yet to tie him down.

for now, Gentejas He is recovering from a leg injury.

America He served as a preview of what will happen in the ‘Nido de Copa’ this Thursday Pachuca At the weekend, they will look to get back to winning ways after their previous draw against the team AtlasCream-blue was practically innovative Alexander ZendejasHowever, the man who worked with the other team is expected to not be considered for the fight against Tusos.

Sources commented ESPN That Gentejas He is in the final stages of recovery from an injury to his right leg and is now working with more intensity, but he has not yet been cleared for the game by the club’s medical staff, which would keep him off the pitch. At least for another week, the American midfielder is likely to play against the team on March 11 Tigers.

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