“I live completely differently, but it makes me very happy, because I deserve it”

Miami Florida. – Dayanara Torres Spreading happiness overflows. She constantly laughs, likes, talks and is suddenly surprised by some nice comment. A state of mind rooted in the fullness of living as a woman, a mother, and a figure of entertainment.

Since she moved to Miami a year and a half ago, another life scene has opened up to her, as happened when she won the Miss Universe title in 1993, and new opportunities immediately arose for her. After 17 years in Los Angeles, California with her sons Christian Anthony and Ryan Anthony Muniz Torres, she decided to establish residence in the city of Florida.

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Primera Hora went to Miami and had a detailed conversation with Toltena.

“All of a sudden I’m alone in Los Angeles, what am I doing here?”Shared from Miami Beach Botanical Garden, on the 30th anniversary of his reign. “When they were going (to university), I said, ‘I’m going to Puerto Rico, near Christian,’ in New York; Ryan would probably end up in New York, but now he’s here, so I have to be close, and I did it without thinking. I remember swimming, ‘God, if something happens to me here in the pool, who’s going to find me after how many days? I sold and came here to Miami, and I love it. I haven’t stopped since I got here.’

Univision Network’s talent since winning the fifth season of the competition Look who’s dancingHe joined the program as soon as he arrived in Miami Fat and skinny As a co-animator, “I did everything, and I was hooked. I’m close to my sister, and now Ryan’s with me for a few days, and God knows if we’re going to be.” Room mates Or not, but I’m very close to Puerto Rico. Once I went from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico and said, ‘It’ll take me a day to get there, so I can’t be that far.’

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The woman from Dole knows that at 48, she has a great body, a short haircut that enhances her beauty, and a contentment that oozes from every word or gesture. “I feel happy, I feel fulfilled, I feel satisfied. Everything happened as it should. I believe that the universe made everything work out perfectly. I married, I had them early, they graduated; I’m still young, I’m young, I can do what I want. If I have a job in China right now, I’ll pack and go. Everything falls perfectly and at the same time, love comes and I say ‘what could be more perfect than this’. Not that I would have written. Everything was wonderful.”

Unlike in the past, when she started a relationship with the Brazilian-born producer and director, it was Dayanara who exposed the theme of love, a reflection of the unexpected happiness she experienced for two years. Marcelo Gama. “The director of all the shows in Latin America, the Latin Grammys, Billboards, Llamas, all of that. Award show. He was also a director Look who’s dancing. I didn’t meet him while dancing. I won in law, I won because I was the best, lie (joke), but I saw it. He came over on the weekends to see the final essay, I checked, we didn’t speak to each other, but there were eyes. After I won, he sat down at the table with me and we talked a little, but that was it. Years passed, till 2021”, she described the beginning of her floating relationship.

Are you afraid of falling in love again?

“One is always afraid to fall in love again, especially when you go through such strong, humiliating, sad things, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and at the same time and I do not want to give power to that episode that has nothing to do with me or that rules my life or you see the future or I do not want to fall in love. , I was divorced 19 years ago and I was so scared. In these moments I say, “All in all, what has happened in my life, it has given me what I want, what I will never let go of, what I will never accept, so it is perfect for me.” .

Here comes this wonderful man, the person who sees me for the first time, the person I want to succeed; He doesn’t want to put me in a box, on the contrary, he wants me to shine, he wants to see me on stage, that’s the first time. I live something completely different, but it makes me very happy because I deserve it.”

Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe 1993

Currently, both of them are enjoying a phase of professional excitement, so they want to enjoy day by day in their relationship. “For now we live fully, happily one day at a time. We don’t think more, but we are happy.He said.

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At Miss Universe 1993 she met her partner, television producer and director Marcelo Gama. "Look who's dancing".
Miss Universe 1993 met her partner, television producer and director Marcelo Gama when she participated in the “Look Who’s Dance” competition. (Vanessa Serra Diaz)

Now that her children are independent teenagers, the joy she speaks of as she experiences the new phase of motherhood is even more complete. “Suddenly I had a pit in my stomach, because what am I going to do with my life?I don’t know how to ignore them; A toothache, a stomach ache, all these things get out of hand, and so on I understand they want to move on and fly, one hopes to take everything you’ve learned with them and make the best decisions for their lives, I have to let them go, but that’s the hard part. At the same time, what is easy is that the whole life opens up and what I do with my life now, (well) many things”.

Fortunately, your emotional state is in harmony with your health. After being diagnosed and treated for skin cancer in 2019, she is said to be healthy. He will undergo a medical examination every three months and remain like this for another two to three years.

He admits he ignored the symptoms of the disease for a long time, which was stage 3 at the time of diagnosis. “My cancer and my own fault and because I didn’t know, the same ignorance, was behind me. Cal, because I didn’t see it all the time, he didn’t notice her; I realized that it was growing, and it had color, relief, and was not beautiful. Maybe it’s because of the same fear that something is wrong, I better not check it, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I was with him for seven or eight years“, Came to know.

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Sharing her illness and treatment process through social networks raised awareness among the Hispanic population in the United States, so much so that dermatology associations are talking about it. “Dayanara Effect”. “Maybe I could have stayed silent and spent my illness alone, with my family, with those close to me, very private and very mine, but I said no, I have to talk about it because I don’t know. What is happening, many people have to learn and many people have learned.”

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