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Microsoft’s creator has highlighted Elon Musk’s work with Tesla, but believes he should go deeper into planet problems, like climate change.

Bill Gates He reiterated his interest in working on solving the problems of our planet, such as the warming of the climate, before seeking to conquer other worlds, as millionaire Elon Musk deals with Mars.

With his company Space X, Musk is trying to reach the Red Planet in less than a decade and bring tourists into space. However, recently Microsoft’s innovator reiterated that he considers home problems more important.

“The things people are thinking – electricity and passenger cars – are one-third of the problem. So we have to work on the other two-thirds,” Gates said in remarks issued by the British Foreign Office. Engadget.

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However, he highlighted the work that Musk has done with his company, Tesla, in creating electric cars, to help reduce pollution and work in favor of reversing Climate change.

“If anything has characterized Bill Gates for years, it is the effective altruism popularized by the Australian philosopher Peter Singer. Applying this principle, he found more profit from investing money in things on Earth than on Mars. He would rather spend money on other things than on Mars.” Trips to Mars, for example, it is better to spend money on distributing vaccines or taking other measures to reduce the spread of disease. (I am)

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